Pacific Southwest Realty Services

June 8, 1994

Mr. Gary S. Oelze


Air Conditioning Equipment Co.

224 Birmingham Dr. #1A2

Cardiff, CA 92007

RE: La Jolla Sur Office Building

Dear Gary:

As you are aware, we selected your CO Sensors for the enclosed parking structure at the subject project as a result of three critical issues which became apparent when we activated the parking structure exhaust fans, to comply with code, shortly after taking over management of the subject project some two years ago. The factors were as follows:

  1. Code Compliance: The parking structure exhaust fans were required by code to run during the hours the parking garage were in use. Prior to our management, the fans were run only sporadically by a timeclock, thus allowing for a potentially dangerous situation to develop.
  2. Noise Abatement: Shortly after commencing a normal operating schedule for the exhaust fans, the adjacent residential complex complained bitterly, and contacted the City of San Diego Noise Abatement office to fill a complaint. The City confirmed that the exhaust fan noise was excessive, and required us to reduce the noise generated by the exhaust fans or shut down the exhaust system, thus rendering the parking garage unusable.
  3. Energy Consumption: The cost of operating the exhaust fans for extended hours was significant for a relatively small office building. The payback for the cost of the CO Sensors through energy savings and reduced maintenance costs was under two years, and San Diego Gas & Electric provided an incentive by participating in the cost of the CO Sensors for reducing our energy consumption during peak demand periods.The final result was as anticipated; the parking garage complies with code, our residential neighbors are delighted with the results as was the City’s Noise Abatement office, and the building owner has reaped the benefit of the reduced cost of operations well in excess of the initial cost outlay to install the CO Sensors. The exhaust fans seldom run, except for our quarterly inspection, maintenance, and exercise of the equipment.After having your product at four projects to date, I would highly recommend this type of control system for any parking garage exhaust system. Please feel free to include me as a reference for your systems in the future.
James P. Mulvihill
Real Estate Management
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(Above: Installation at The Tower in Westwood, LA)

AC Energy Systems, Inc.

224 Birmingham Dr. #1A2,

Cardiff By The Sea, CA 92007