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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Garage Exhaust Systems

Code Compliance, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Reliability are the 5 key factors that need to be considered when designing the “Garage Exhaust Carbon Monoxide Detection System”. AC Energy Systems Inc. has focused on all facets of CO systems for over 20 years; here is a summary of the critical components of your next design:

Codes and Standards

All buildings in America today are designed utilizing either the International Building Code (IBC), Uniform Building Code (UBC) with the specific Mechanical Code section dictating the specific “Garage Exhaust” operations. Municipal codes will have slight variations; however, all will operate with Federal OSHA standards for Carbon Monoxide as the common denominator.

· International Building Code (IBC)– Section 403.5 Public Garages

· Uniform Building Code (UBC) – Section 705

· Federal, State, and Local codes

Simply stated the “Garage Exhaust” system will evacuate the CO gas running the fans 24/7 or have a device that will operate the fans at the prescribed set points (35PPM initial fan operation).


Many factors dictate the ultimate design of the CO system installed in a Parking Garage (CFM, Exhaust Fans, Supply Fans and other associated equipment). However the functionality and simplicity of the CO system is critical for long term operations and buliding safety.

· Square foot coverage of each sensor · Sequence of operation and zoning of equipment · Placement of sensors for maximum coverage · Maintenance Schedule


AC Energy Systems, Inc. takes the position of “Turnkey” installation, all conduit, wire, relays, commissioning, training and troubleshooting is included with our installations. We manage the relationship between Division 15 and Division 16 on the jobsite to insure that a complete system is installed and all equipment performs as designed.


Each sensor technology has its own unique maintenance schedule. Some require quarterly “checks” with annual calibration while others simply remind the facility when it’s time to servie. Make sure your design considers the building’s future operational capabilities with in your design.


In today’s market there are many sensors that will monitor CO gas levels and operate the equipment at the prescribed set points. Make sure your choice focuses on a manufacturer that specializes on “parking garage equipment” to insure proper installation and operation.

Depending on your ultimate design objectives AC Energy Systems, Inc. can help! Call our staff for installation and sensor technology assistance on your next project.


For a complete proposal for your next project all we need is the fan schedule, garage layout plan sheets, project specifications and controls specifications.

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