About Us

AC Energy Systems, Inc. is a family-run business with more than 30 years experience in providing CO monitoring systems for new construction, retro-fittings, as well as maintenance for buildings with existing systems. Paul and Maybeth Rothery, CEO and President respectively, have built their company for the purpose to provide dramatic energy savings, guaranteed, quick paybacks for the investment, and a significant contribution to protecting our environment.

AC Energy Systems works with a wide range of structures, from apartments and condominiums to hotels, hospitals, office towers and shopping malls. Anywhere there is an enclosed or underground parking garage, you will find the need for efficiencies that (only) AC Energy Systems can provide. Perhaps our most significant service is the elimination of any guesswork to our potential customers. Either we can help you save significantly or we can’t. That’s why our professional staff will evaluate your existing system, calculate your energy savings, and present you with clear, helpful projections. We will also apply for utility incentives, or engineer a sensor layout.”

✔ We believe that most people want to save money. Typically our systems pay for themselves in 6 to 24 months. Our systems drastically reduce energy costs. More info >

✔ Many utility companies offer incentives for programs we can help. More info >

✔ We believe that most people want to make a positive difference to the environment. Our systems drastically reduce air pollution. More info >

✔ We believe most facilities are concerned about code compliance. Our systems protect your health and minimize your risk. More info >

We have installed more than 65 Million square feet of CO Systems.