Troubleshooting Tips:

Troubleshooting Tips:

Quantum CO*Star CO System Troubleshooting Guide

This guide explains the system operation and the alarm conditions. The following will allow you to diagnose a problem and take corrective action.

First: Record the exact condition: which lights are flashing and time intervals of any beeping

  1. Green light flashes as normal but the sensor chirps every 10 seconds (maintenance): Solution: Sensors need new plug-in modules every 2 1/2 years. The system will run the fans continuously if these are not replaced within 60 days. Call AC Energy Systems, Inc.
  2. All lights are flashing in sequence & Sensor is beeping every 4 seconds (fault): Solution: At the CO Control Panel reset the sensor(s) by turning the System power OFF and then back ON after 10 seconds. Or, at the sensor faulting you may reset the sensor by removing and re-attaching the T1 input power wire. The fan light and fan should turn OFF after the 8-minute start-up cycle. Faults are sometimes due to a power sag in the building. Note: If your sensor has a plug in wiring harness, do not un-plug the harness to perform the reset.
  3. Green Power light flashes, no other lights on, but the fan is running continuously: Solution: Reset the system as above. The fan light and fan should turn OFF after the 8-minute start-up cycle. If this doesn’t work, short together terminals K1 and K2 to simulate a closed relay. If the fan stops, this will confirm a bad relay. Call AC Energy Systems, Inc.
  4. Red Alarm light is on and there is a loud steady tone: Solution: This is probably a normal sensor reading a high (100ppm) CO level. Check the fan to make sure it is operational. Possibly the fan disconnect switch is OFF.

To Stop the beeping: If a sensor continues to beep after a reset of the system, you should leave the Reset switch in the Run position. This will make the fan(s) controlled by that sensor run continuously until a repair can be made. By turning OFF the power to the CO System the sensors will not beep but the fans will run continuously. Call AC Energy Systems, Inc.

See below to stop the noise: To bypass one sensor (stop noise) and allow other sensors to control the fan: Remove the Power Input wire at T1 and put a wire nut on it (to keep it from shorting to the case). Next put a wire jumper between K1 and K2. The jumper simulates a normal closed contact condition that allows the other sensors to operate the fan as normal. (fan(s) run when the contact opens)

WARNING: Bypassing a sensor may cause the area of the garage, where the controller is bypassed, to have less than perfect CO protection. It is recommended that corrective procedures be performed as soon as possible.